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Company Profile: Alta3 Research

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Alta3 Research

Technical Training


Alta3 Research delivers high quality training and consulting services through extensive research and a complete understanding of complex systems. We deliver clear, structured explanations of advanced technologies that make complex system appear intuitively obvious. We follow Einstein's rule in that "if you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"

Contributions To OpenStack From Alta3 Research

OpenStack Training

Our OpenStack courses offer both hands on and lecture, allowing students to learn OpenStack architecture and operation. Students will examine both front end and back end OpenStack components, revealing the actual OpenStack function at the component level. In addition to a technical review of the architecture, this course teaches practical skills, as you will perform hands on labs to administer an OpenStack datacenter and set up, network, create and delete virtual machines and services. You will learn important DEVOPs skills that illustrate how to fully administer the software defined infrastructure made possible by OpenStack. Important Linux skills necessary to perform effective CLI tasks are also taught. All hands-on labs are written to reinforce each lesson, making the concepts clearly understood.

Products & Services

Our Certified OpenStack Administrator training covers these areas:

  • A deep dive into the OpenStack Architecture
  • User management and cloud admin security
  • How to create virtual machines at both CLI and browser interfaces
  • Learn L2 OpenStack network options including distributed virtual router, OVS, Integration bridge, provider bridge, and quantum bridge, as well as the provider network.
  • Learn L3 networking options including quantum router, security groups (IP tables), and dnsmasq. 
  • Study the data center fabric and examine how it interconnects with OpenStack.
  • Study automation systems featuring ansible and heat. The role of chef and puppet are also covered.
  • Study version control using git and github
  • Study ephemeral, block and object storage.
  • A detailed study of block (Cinder), object (Swift) and ceph storage.
  • A look at under-cloud and over-cloud deployment techniques.
Course also includes:
  • An exam voucher for the Openstack Foundation's COA.
  • 30 day access to a professionally edited and indexed video of the entire lecture.
  • Online manual constantly updated and maintained.
  • Online lab guide constantly updated and maintained.
  • Alta3 Research OpenStack Certification exam. (A perfect stepping stone prior to taking other OpenStack certifications.)

For More Information

Please contact us at Stuart Feeser <[email protected]>