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Company Profile: VirtualCable

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Open Source VDI & vApp



VirtualCable packs up UDS Enterprise, a top performance VDI & vApp multiplatform connection broker for Windows and Linux through a subscription model based on number of users, including email support and product updates.

Additionally, VirtualCable offers a broad portfolio of professional services to install and set up UDS Enterprise and other virtualization technologies.




Contributions To OpenStack From VirtualCable


UDS Enterprise supports OpenStack as a VDI Service Provider.

The integration of these two solutions through an automated brokering system developed by the UDS Enterprise team gives the platform administrators numerous advantages, such as the ability to manage virtual desktops with OpenStack through the intuitive and simple interface of UDS Enterprise. This latter also allows the use of other cloud platform technologies, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

The pairing of these two solutions also offers the possibility of automating, among other things, pools of large volumes, storage systems, network resources ... to provide users with remote desktop services, such as VDI or virtual application sessions.

The perfect integration and proper functioning of a joint solution have been validated by the OpenStack Foundation, which has certified our UDS Enterprise VDI connection broker as OpenStack Compatible.

Products & Services


UDS Enterprise is a top performance multiplatform connection broker to deploy and administer Windows and Linux virtual desktops and applications. It automatically manages its full life cycle in a safe quick and simple way. It allows to enable multiple hypervisors, authenticators and connection protocols to run simultaneously. 

Open Source & 100% customizable platform. No licenses, subscriptions based on number of users, including support and product updates.

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