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Dawning Information Industry Co., Ltd (Dawning in brief) is a national high-tech enterprise established under the powerful promotion of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and based on the major scientific research results in the national “863” plan. Since its establishment, Dawning has always advocated the brand concept of “independent innovation and serving China”, strive to provide excellent application experience for vast Chinese users through its overall, professional and value-added services. In 2010, the “Nebula” high-performance computer developed by Dawning ranked the second in the world in the “35th supercomputer TOP500” for its system peak value up to 3PFlops per second and the measured Linpack value of 1.271 petaflop times a second, it became the third super computer in the world with a measured performance over a petaflop, it again showed the “Chinese speed” to the world. Today, the hardware products, solutions, cloud computing service of Dawning have been widely applied in education, meteorology, health care, energy, Internet, public utilities and many other fields, for successively 4 years, Dawning won the first prize for its market share in China high-performance computer Top100, this further established the leading position of Dawning in the high-performance computing field in China. Relying on years of technical accumulations in the field of high-performance computing, Dawning is gradually changing to a “cloud computing service provider” from a “hardware supplier”, in the recent years, Dawning has been dedicated in planning the layout for the national cloud computing blue map, presently, “city cloud” has been realized in southwest China, south China, Central China and Northeast China, dozens of city cloud computing centers, including those in Chengdu, Wuxi, Nanjing, Baotou, etc have been built up, Dawning is planning to complete the cloud computing strategic layout within the future three years, so that to provide firm scientific and technical guarantee for rapidly and efficiently improve the regional economy, richening the information resources needed by people’s daily life.

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1.Server products (Both Intel and AMD inside) Rack-mounted, Tower, Blade, High-density, Workstation 2.High performance computer (Intel & Nvidia) High-performance computer, High-performance heterogeneous computing, High-performance computing software 3.Infrastructure Standard rack cabinet, Water-cooled cabinet, Row-level flouride-cooled cabinet, Row-level water-cooled cabinet, Pool-level cabinets 4.Storage product SAN storage, Disaster backup, Mass-data processing, Cloud storage 5.Cloud computing products Cloud computing platform (IaaS & PaaS), Cloud market, Cloud Disk

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