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Company Profile: Resivaa

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Resivaa is one of the companies that are now in action to respond for clients’ need for MySQL solutions and services. The company was just recently established last January 2014. This is a privately held and a hundred percent promoter funded firm composed of team of serious and successful entrepreneurs. Resivaa means “an invitation to build partnerships”. The company believes in establishing long-term relationships and not just delivering their jobs.

Resivaa is a NoSQL, MySQL and Oracle Golden Gate consulting and Support Company. This supports and jump starts MySQL operations of businesses and organizations quickly and cost effectively. The company guarantees higher system uptime, quicker time to market and longer scalability. With the help of the company, you can certainly increase your productivity and performance with decreased costs and increased confidence. Resivaa is the leading way towards excellent MySQL database management.

Contributions To OpenStack From Resivaa

Resivaa has a vast array of experience directly related to database management. We are very confident in the OpenStack technology and will promote it on our website and utilize our social media connections to further awareness. We will also highly recommend OpenStack technology to our clients where applicable. Resivaa would also like to lend our assistance with regards to bug fixing. This endeavor, we believe, will be mutually beneficial.

Products & Services

Related products/services that we offer or plan to offer are:

·         Our Enterprise Database Management Services

·         Virtual or Private Cloud Integration

·         Migration from AWS to an open source product like OpenStack

We see a natural symbiosis between Resivaa’s expertise and the OpenStack platform. We look forward to integrating it into our offerings.

For More Information

Please contact us at <[email protected]>