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Company Profile: Quobyte Inc.

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Quobyte Inc.

Datacenter Storage


Quobyte delivers the software defined storage solution for your next generation datacenter today. Quobyte software defined storage is automated, scales quickly on demand and can be reconfigured in seconds. Quobyte decouples storage from applications and users and runs independantly on any commodity hardware.
Quobyte was founded in 2013 by former Google employees Felix Hupfeld and Björn Kolbeck. Both have gained several years experience in distributed and storage systems while developing the distributed research file system XtreemFS at the Zuse Institute Berlin. Combining the innovative research from XtreemFS and the operations experience from Google, they decided to build a highly reliable and scalable enterprise-grade storage system that runs on commodity hardware. 

Contributions To OpenStack From Quobyte Inc.

We are contributing and maintaining Cinder, Nova and Manila drivers for the Quobyte Storage System.

Products & Services

Quobyte offers the Quobyte Storage System, a fault-tolerant high-performance distributed storage system that can serve as a storage backend for OpenStack's VM images, offer shared file services between VMs and store objects.

For More Information

Please contact us at Björn Kolbeck <[email protected]>