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Company Profile: Hybree

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Hybrid Cloud Computing


Hybree Cloud Computing is focused on delivering wide range of Software defined/Cloud Computing solutions, Enterprises have used our services and expertise to significantly improve IT efficiency and performance, yet the mobile cloud era presents new challenges.

To meet this challenge, IT organizations need to virtualize the rest of the data center so all infrastructure services become as inexpensive and easy to provision and manage as virtual machines. We believe the answer is the software-defined data center (SDDC): the ideal architecture for private, public, and hybrid clouds.

SDDC extends the virtualization concepts you know— abstraction, pooling and automation — to all data center resources and services. Components of the SDDC can be implemented together, or in phases:

- Compute virtualization, network virtualization and software-defined storage deliver abstraction, pooling and automation of the compute, network, and storage infrastructure services. 

- Automated management delivers a framework for policy-based management of data center application and services.


Contributions To OpenStack From Hybree

Hybree helps openstack and debian community to form a 100% Free and Open cloud platform, it involves testing, implementing new features and helping packaging effort of debian project.

as Hybree is involved in enterprise services, our direct involvement in Debian cloud project and Openstack will bring value to both communities.


Products & Services

IaaS Platform

PaaS Platform

BigData Platform

MBaaS Platform

Migration of proprietary Systems 

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