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Company Profile: Nebulaworks

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Businesses know their customers are demanding new services and rapid access to their products and data. Today, high velocity application development and feature release is no longer a luxury, it is a requirement.


We believe that applications are the core of all businesses; their services and data are rapidly becoming the only thing that matters.

Nebulaworks provides our customers business value by achieving the delivery of applications and data at the speed of now. By leveraging our technical expertise in application delivery and services team, we approach applications, data, providers, and consumers as a well-defined fabric. You Develop and Deliver, your customers Consume. Key benefits to our customers include:

  • Moving Developers closer to Production delivers services at high velocity
  • Tightly integrated and controlled feedback loops
  • Quantifiable metrics on dev and release cycles, shortening functionality lead times
  • Reduction of technical debt and deficit

Learn more about our approach and offerings by contacting us.

Contributions To OpenStack From Nebulaworks

Nebulaworks is proud to support the OpenStack Foundation. For our clients, we test the OpenStack codebase against our known working configurations. As Nebulaworks matures we will become more active, pulling and merging requests as we work through future releases.

Products & Services

Nebulaworks offers complete solutions and services supporting OpenStack architecture and implementations. By utilizing our Transformative Methodology, we assist organization with the most efficient way to deploy OpenStack IaaS clouds, tightly integrating their current operations with new clouds. Our solutions include:

Architecture, design, and delivery services for OpenStack IaaS clouds

Compute, storage and network hardware solutions, including high-density CPU/Memory and extreme network and storage I/O performance

Monitoring and analytics on instance and application performance, including log aggregation and analytics with Nebulaworks Cloud Center

For More Information

Please contact us at Chris Ciborowski <[email protected]>