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Company Profile: Maxta

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Maxta maximizes the promise of hyper-convergence. Maxta MaxDeploy Reference Architectures and MxSP solutions provide companies the choice to hyper-converge on any x86 server, the ability to run on any hypervisor or compute abstraction, with any storage configuration. Maxta VM-centric solutions simplify IT management and reduce cost, all while delivering hyper-scale, high availability, enterprise-level data services and capacity optimization. With Maxta, service providers and enterprise customers can build private and public clouds based on OpenStack orchestration software and commodity server platforms, eliminating the need for complex and expensive storage arrays and increasing applications resiliency. Think outside the storage box.

Contributions To OpenStack From Maxta

Maxta is contributing to OpenStack by providing drivers to integrate with Nova for Compute and Cinder for Storage enabling customers to simplify operations, deliver high availability to applications, and reduce overall IT cost in OpenStack environments. Maxta drivers to Cinder enable applications to access the shared highly available storage capabilities of Maxta. Maxta drivers to Nova enable High Availability and data services for all applications. Maxta is also simplifying OpenStack deployments by partnering with other OpenStack partners such as Mirantis and Cumulus. Maxta is active in OpenStack events such as the OpenStack Summit and User Groups.

Products & Services

Maxta hyper-converged solutions provide highly available shared storage leveraging server-side and/or server-attached storage resources from multiple servers, incorporating a global namespace and creating a single storage pool. Maxta has developed Cinder drivers to provide integration with all OpenStack deployments eliminating storage management and enabling customers to manage applications and not storage. Maxta has also developed Nova drivers to enable High Availability for all applications and support for data services such as Snapshots and Clones from any application. With Maxta, administrators can use Horizon UI to completely manage their compute and storage environment.

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