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Company Profile: KeyTone Cloud

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KeyTone Cloud

Openstack Cloud Technology & Service Provider


KeyTone Cloud is a leading OpenStack-based cloud technology provider and a hosted hybrid cloud service provider in China. KeyTone’s mission is to unleash the power of OpenStack to China enterprises by removing the entry barriers to the cloud technologies & services with an OpenStack-based cloud platform and by providing professionally managed Hybrid Cloud Services with SPs to Enterprises and Institutions in China.  In early 2014, KeyTone Cloud completed Series-A funding co-led by Gobi Partners and CBC, and received a strategic investment from Cisco Investments. In addition, Cisco and KeyTone Cloud signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation to bring hybrid-cloud technology to Chinese IDC & Telco service providers and enterprises.

In September 2014, KeyTone Cloud released its OpenStack-based cloud platform called KCloud, with some advanced elastic service functions such as of Auto Scaling and Live Vertical Scale-up of VM instance implemented on top of OpenStack. In addition, KeyTone implemented host-to-site VPN service over PPTP and OpenVPN, and site-to-site VPN service over GRE Tunneling to enable rich inter-cloud connection capabilities that OpenStack does not support out of box. Besides KCloud, KeyTone has developed a cloud service operation management system, KEngine, which includes billing and reporting module, account recharge module, data center asset management, integrated support ticket system, cloud monitoring and alerting modules, and cloud service data analysis tool. These backend modules are "must-haves" for cloud transformation of IDC & Telco service providers and enterprises, and yet they are not provided in official releases of OpenStack.

To summarize, KeyTone Cloud enhanced and implemented new IaaS and SDN functionalities on top of OpenStack to meet various challenges with deploying OpenStack based Hybrid Clouds to enterprises. KeyTone’s cloud platform and technical services resolve the following three issues with DIY OpenStack deployment:  1) Lack of rich elastic services (much needed to compete with AWS and other public clouds) with out-of-box official release; 2) Lack of operation-ready backend BOSS systems that ISP and Enterprises need to be able to use OpenStack for public cloud deployment and/or private cloud deployment; and 3) Lack of a experienced development and technical operation teams that are capable of developing customized features and providing 24x7x365 cloud operation services to support end users. 

Contributions To OpenStack From KeyTone Cloud

KeyTone Cloud enhanced and implemented new IaaS and SDN functionalities on top of OpenStack to meet various requirements with deploying OpenStack based Hybrid Clouds to enterprises. KeyTone Cloud plans to contribute these customized developments to the OpenStack community through close involvement in OpenStack projects.




Products & Services

KeyTone Cloud is working on the following OpenStack Projects/Modules: Nova, Glance, Neutron, Heat, and Ceilometer.

For More Information

Please contact us at Jiang Lin <[email protected]>