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Company Profile: Javasparks

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Born different. Javasparks is a management consulting, technology, and outsourcing firm that thrives at the intersection of technology, business, transformation, and innovations. Our services span business consultancy, digital, technology, design, outsourcing, innovations, and research. On the shoulder of giants, learning from the lessons of past successes and failures, and keeping an open-mind in evaluation, Javasparks operates with meticulous methodology that utilizes empirical and precise measures to continuously drive progress and build value.

Contributions To OpenStack From Javasparks

Our service delivery and technical development team has been involved with OpenStack (both through Javasparks and our solutions/products research and development company, Dungeon Innovations) for quite some time now through various initiatives, evangelism, actual code/design contributed (since ~2012), background support to summits and community-at-large, and enablement/awareness campaigns for enterprises and institutions. We have founded and have been investing/supporting the OpenStack Philippines User Group from Day 1.

Products & Services

Cloud Consulting | Strategy | Assessment | Design | Pilot | Implementation - Infrastructure - Platform - Applications | Migration - Legacy - Cloud-Ready - Cloud-Optimized | Optimization | Hybrid | DevOps | Managed Operations | Security | Training / Enablement | Research

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Please contact us at Dean Marc <[email protected]>