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Company Profile: IzumoBASE, INC.

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Software Defined Storage


IzumoBASE is a technology leader in next generation Software-Defined Storage.

In the past years, with the accelerated expansion of big data and cloud computing, demand for more powerful, scalable and flexible storage solution has never been stronger. It became apparent that traditional hardware-based storage solutions could not meet such demand, and Software-Defined Storage has begun to emerge as the next generation storage solution.

We have developed "IzumoFS", a high-performing distributed storage software at the cutting-edge of the cloud and big-data age, designed and developed from the ground up. We are focusing to give true sophisticated solution to the market of storage industry and explore the new era of data management.

Contributions To OpenStack From IzumoBASE, INC.

IzumoFS, our next generation Software-Defined Storage we develop has full compatibility with OpenStack and its administrative functionalities. It can be fully managed through OpenStack management panel which makes users much easier to integrate IzumoFS to their daily workflow.

Since Software-Defined Storage is very likely to have huge benefit to the cloud computing based solution, with powerful features of IzumoFS, it will become the one of most sophisticated product to be placed and collaborate with OpenStack.

Products & Services

We develop and licenses “IzumoFS” which can be installed on any commoditised servers, and instantly works as complete storage solution with greater performance, scalability and flexibility that could not achieved by hardware-based products. In addition, IzumoBASE also provides exceptional features including multi-protocol support (CIFS, NFS, iSCSI) and inline de-duplication, which are not supported by solutions commonly available in the market.

In this sense, IzumoFS provides even greater performance compared to the first generations of Software-Defined Storage and is the first SDS that is truly able to replace and outperform hardware-based solutions.

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