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Company Profile: Innominds

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Innominds Software Inc., headquartered in San Jose, Calif. (USA), is a full life-cycle product-engineering and management company focused on emerging technologies for cloud, mobility, security and big data. From concept to commercialization, pivot to acceleration, Innominds engineers research, specify, design, prototype, build and manage software and connected smart devices for leading technology brands in the world. More info:

Contributions To OpenStack From Innominds

We build cloud applications, virtualization solutions and cloud management platforms with a blend of experience in cloud, virtualization, mobility and security. Depending on our customer's business case and stage of the cloud journey they are in, we offer our services both in a packaged and/or in a discrete form thereby giving business flexibility and a competitive advantage Our contribution to Cloud eco system using OpenStack: PaaS, SaaS and laaS Solutions Cloud & Virtualization Management Solution Development for cloud enablement Cloud & Mobile Data Synchronization Cloud and Virtualization Solutions Testing Cloud Platforms & Open Source Software

Products & Services

We use OpenStack widely to create private cloud platforms across our customer’s PaaS, IaaS solutions. A variety of tools, components and APIs built using OpenStack are leveraged to achieve robust, scalable and open source based cloud infrastructure. We extend, customize, deploy and maintain functionality of the OpenStack components as mentioned below: Operations Systems Support (OSS) Components We build end to end private, public and hybrid clouds Networking Neutron / Nova-network to build networking components for network function virtualization Orchestration Heat, Salt and Puppet for orchestration of virtual machines on OpenStack / AWS / RackSpace Compute Nova to manage KVM, VMware ESX / ESXi, Hyper-V, XEN hypervisors Identity Management Keystone to manage user access, identity and authentication Storage Cinder to extend and manage block storage Image Repository Glance to create and mange images - ISO / VMDK / OVF / Qcow2 / .. GUI / Dashboards Horizon to extend system dashboard functionality Business Systems Support (BSS) Resource utilisation metrics (billing) Celiometer to generate usage metrics

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Please contact us at Shashi Bhushan <[email protected]>