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Company Profile: ISA Technologies, Inc.

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ISA Technologies, Inc.



We are one of the world leaders of cloud migration and system image backup software companies. We have been serving enterprises and channel partners for over 10 years through our cloud migration and system backup technologies.

Contributions To OpenStack From ISA Technologies, Inc.

Our flagship Product, ZConverter Cloud Migration SaaS make the OpenStack Cloud Migration Process simple and easy.

Our automated cloud migration technology solved high cost and time consuming OpenStack Migration Problem.

Enterprises and cloud service providers can enjoy up to 20 X reductions of both OpenStack Cloud Migration time and money.

Products & Services

ZConverter Cloud Migration is a fully automated cloud migration SaaS solution and OpenStack Compatible Software.

With our solution, enterprises and cloud service providers can move on-premises or public clouds to OpenStack in a few clicks.

7 Main Features of ZConverter Cloud Migration are as below:

1. Live Migration

2. OpenStack Cloud Migration combined with dissmilar hypervisors

3. Hybrid Cloud Migration between OpenStack Private Cloud and Public Clouds

4. Multi-Cloud Migration among heterogenous platforms

5. OpenStack Migration between dissmilar disk formats

6. Optimal Disk Resizing

7. Near-Zero Downtime Migration

For More Information

Please contact us at [email protected]