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Individual Speaker Profile

Goutham Pacha Ravi Back to Speakers Bureau

Date Joined: June 14, 2016
Country: United States
Home Town: Sammamish
Zip Code: 98109
Registered for Upcoming Summit: No
Statement of Interest

Help grow OpenStack's abilities in the areas of Compute, Networking and Storage

Areas Of Expertise
  • Software Development
  • Block Storage
  • Shared File Systems
  • Data Protection
  • Distributed Systems




Goutham is an active contributor to OpenStack Shared File Systems (manila), Block Storage (cinder), UX (openstackcli, openstacksdk) projects. Prior to OpenStack, he has worked on several projects involving data protection across storage systems. Aside from his code contributions, Goutham spends a lot of his time building cross project synchronization and advocating for user experience and API stability. He was a Project Team Lead and the API working group liaison for the Shared File Systems project.

Presentations from previous and upcoming OpenInfra Summits:
OpenInfra Summit Vancouver 2023
  • Operational concerns with OpenStack Manila - High Availability
  • Ceph Days: Natively scaleable CephFS NFS Gateways with OpenStack Manila
  • Multi-tenancy with Manila: Building trust where there may be none
Berlin 2022 Virtual Open Infrastructure Summit Shanghai Denver Sydney Barcelona, Spain
Additional presentations:

Willing to present via video conference: Yes
Willing to travel to any country: Yes
Fluent in
  • English
  • Hindi
  • Telugu
  • Kannada

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