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Individual Speaker Profile

Zhipeng Huang Back to Speakers Bureau

Date Joined: July 15, 2015
Country: China
Home Town: Shenzhen
Zip Code: 518129
Registered for Upcoming Summit: No
  • Huawei - From 2014-07-21 (Current)
Statement of Interest

Cyborg , Public Cloud

Areas Of Expertise
  • Open Source community operation
  • congestion control in networking
  • Standardization work in ETSI
  • ITU-T




Zhipeng Huang currently serve as open source operation manager for Huawei. Zhipeng have been involved with various major open source communities and is now the PTL of OpenStack Cyborg project, co-chair of OpenStack Public Cloud WG, and co-lead of the Kubernetes Policy WG

Presentations from previous and upcoming OpenInfra Summits:
Denver Berlin
  • You don't know nothing about Public Cloud SDKs, yet
  • Far From Done: Public Clouds Needs You
  • OpenStack Passport Program - feedback and next step
Vancouver, BC Sydney Boston Austin
Additional presentations: