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Date Joined: January 08, 2023
Country: Korea - Republic of
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Registered for Upcoming Summit: No
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Areas Of Expertise
  • Deep Learning
  • TensorFlow
  • Computational Neuroscience


Jeongkyu is the founder and CEO of Lablup Inc. He is known as the lead developer of the Textcube Project, which is a popular open-source web publishing platform in South Korea and the open-source codebase of and a part of As one of the Korea’s foremost experts on open-source projects, he has participated in many successful ventures for the past 20 years. He is a machine learning expert at Google Developers Experts program, Google Cloud champion innovator and actively working as a member of the Innovation Steering Board of the Northeast Asia Open Source Software Promotion Forum. Jeongkyu received his Ph.D in Statistical Physics from POSTECH in research on complex systems, agent-based models, and computational neuroscience. He led ML-based/open-source projects at several companies and labs, specifically, text classification, information compression and contextual search. Since 2015, he has been developing Backend.AI, an open-source hyper-scalable AI R&D platform.

Presentations from previous and upcoming OpenInfra Summits:
OpenInfra Summit Vancouver 2023
  • Sokovan: Container Orchestrator for Accelerated AI/ML Workloads and Massive-scale GPU Computing
Additional presentations:

Willing to present via video conference: Yes
Willing to travel to any country: Yes
Fluent in
  • Korean
  • English

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