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Date Joined: March 28, 2017
Country: United States
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Registered for Upcoming Summit: No
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Areas Of Expertise
  • Application development, and scaling
  • Legacy software and platform migration
  • Cloud Foundry and BOSH
  • Consulting and team management




Bill is a Cloud Architect at Stark & Wayne where he focuses on helping customers be successful with the myriad of emerging Cloud Technologies. For the last few years he has primarily worked with BOSH, and Cloud Foundry implementations running on top of OpenStack, heading up automation, monitoring and resiliency efforts. Prior to coming to Stark & Wayne Bill specialized in starting, or helping start software companies, or helping established companies greenfield brand new software efforts. Bill was fortunate to get his first job during the Y2K bug era where they were giving technical jobs to anyone who could type. Fortunately he's learned a lot since then.

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Willing to present via video conference: Yes
Willing to travel to any country: Yes
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  • English

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