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Mohammed Naser Community Contributor Award

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March 22, 2013



Statement of Interest

Provide and Build New Public Cloud Services Based on OpenStack


Over the past 10 years, I’m happy to have watched the hosting industry transform and be part of the transformation process as it evolved from traditional physical hardware to cloud-native infrastructure, powered by OpenStack.  Since the creation of VEXXHOST, I have had the chance to work with different sorts of customers, ranging from growing small businesses to helping architect solutions for large Fortune 500 companies, based on OpenStack.  I've helped integrate other open infrastructure projects into our commercial offering.

By fostering OpenStack at it’s early days in 2011, it has helped improve the project and our service as a whole. I’ve been a contributor to the project since and I have contributed code to almost every release of OpenStack since then.  I've also served as PTL for Puppet OpenStack, continue to serve as a PTL for OpenStack-Ansible and serve on the technical commitee, chairing tthe commitee for a term.

  • VEXXHOST, Inc. - From 2006-07-19 (Current)
Community Contributor Awards
  • Key to Stack City - Sydney 2017


I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Compute Service (Nova),Networking (Neutron),Block Storage (Cinder),Image Service (Glance),Puppet Modules for OpenStack (Puppet OpenStack)

OpenStack Summit Presentations
OpenInfra Days Europe 2024
  • Silver Sponsor Pitch: VEXXHOST
  • Effortless On-Premise Kubernetes: Cloud-Native Experience at a Fraction of the Cost (English)
OpenInfra Summit Vancouver 2023
  • My Open Source Experience: Balancing Contributing Upstream with Daily Business Activities
  • Powering Open Infrastructure: Embracing Innovation with VEXXHOST
  • Challenges & Lessons from Operating OpenStack at Scale
  • Magnum Episode IV - A New Hope: OpenStack, Kubernetes and ClusterAPI
Berlin 2022
  • 5G Innovation Ecosystem Development in Canada
Virtual Open Infrastructure Summit Shanghai
  • Bring your crazy idea
  • How should we do billing for OpenStack deployments?
  • Superuser Awards
Denver Berlin Vancouver, BC

Speaker Profile:


Mohammed is a candidate in the January 2024 Board Elections .



My relationship with OpenInfra is deeply rooted in my commitment to open source and the belief in its power to drive innovation. As an active member of the community, and through my company's focus on delivering cloud solutions based on OpenStack, I have firsthand experience with the impact that OpenInfra projects can have. Its success is important to me because it represents a collective effort to advance cloud technology in an open, collaborative environment. My biggest contribution to OpenInfra and OpenStack's success is the advocacy for open source solutions and the direct involvement in the development and deployment of OpenStack, ensuring it remains a robust, scalable, and accessible platform for all.



I have experience serving on the OpenInfra board for quite sometime as well as other leaderships within the OpenStack world.



The Board's role in OpenInfra's success is to provide strategic direction, governance, and advocacy. As stewards of the organization's mission, board members should ensure that OpenInfra remains focused on fostering open-source projects that are relevant, sustainable, and beneficial to the community. The Board should also cultivate a diverse and inclusive environment where all contributors feel valued and empowered to innovate.



The top priority of the Board over the next year should be to strengthen the ecosystem around OpenInfra projects. This includes expanding the community by engaging new contributors and users, ensuring financial stability through diverse revenue streams, and solidifying the relevance of OpenStack and other OpenInfra projects in the rapidly evolving cloud landscape. By focusing on these areas, the Board can ensure that OpenInfra remains at the forefront of open-source cloud infrastructure.

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