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Álvaro Soto

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March 14, 2017



Statement of Interest

Learn, architect, deploy, research, about OpenStack and its technological interactions.


I was born in a little town in Chile called Linares and I moved to Mexico at 19 years old to start continue my Computer Science Engineering degree (after getting expelled from a University in Chile) and a master's degree in computer science nearly 10 years later, mainly because I got bored with people talking about technological concepts without knowing on what are nowadays cutting edge platforms build on, and I wanted to work more on research and less explaining.

In my entire professional career, I've worked as a freelancer, implementation engineer, and support engineer, for larger to smaller companies, most of them located in LATAM: Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, and Mexico. As a result, today I dedicate my time to helping companies healthy disengage away from legacy architecture applications and solutions to fully distributed ones with Open Source technologies.

  • Redhat, Inc. - From 2021-03-01 (Current)


I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Deploys OpenStack using OpenStack itself (Tripleo),Container Orchestration Engine Provisioning (Magnum),Bare Metal Provisioning Service (Ironic),Object store (Swift),Lightweight OCI containers (LOCI),Block Storage (Cinder),Functions Service (Qinling),Backup{comma} Restore{comma} and Disaster Recovery (Freezer)

OpenStack Summit Presentations
OpenInfra Summit Vancouver 2023
  • Cultural Challenges for OpenSource in LATAM

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