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Individual Member Profile


Grace Lian

Date Joined
June 30, 2016

Statement of Interest

<p>I am interested to open software upstream development, open source technology innovations, using open source software to solve business problems and enable customers, as well as technology promotion and volunteering in open source community. </p><p>I am very passionate in growing people, mentoring people in career development, especially helping diversity people such as technical females to grown in STEM career path. </p>


Grace Lian is a senior director of Cloud Software Engineering team in Intel. She leads a global team to work on open source cloud software technologies, including OpenStack, k8s, Kata containers, Cloud Hypervisor, Envoy, Istio, Ceph, and Akraino etc. She also drives the strategy in the cloud native software domains for Intel.

Grace is an open source veteran. She started to work on open source software from Carrier Grade Linux project back to 2001. She was engineering manager for the first Linux team in Intel China. The team became OTC (Open Source Technology Center) China and has grown many open source talents for the community. She has long time experience leading global engineering teams on open source software development, touching layers of system software (OS, Web/HTML5, virtualization, orchestration, SDN/NFV, SDS, cloud and edge etc.), bringing open source values to business and successfully supporting many customers.

Grace's team started to work on OpenStack since 2012. In the past years, her team has contributed significantly to OpenStack upstream development, actively led, participated and promoted many community activities. Intel is also one of the members who started Kata Container project and StarlingX project, and contributed them to Open Infrastructure Foundation.

  • Intel - From 1997-01-27 (Current)

Speaker Profile:


Grace is a candidate in the January 2022 Board Elections .


What is your relationship to OpenInfra, and why is its success important to you? What would you say is your biggest contribution to OpenInfra and/or OpenStack's success to date?


Open source and open ecosystem align very well with Intel’s strategy. We believe open infrastructure software is critical to cloud ecosystem healthy growth. OpenInfra provides a great open platform for collaborations, technology adoptions and innovations. It brings opportunities for technologies to work across clouds, across platforms and across segments. My team and I have contributed to OpenInfra for many years. We made solid code contributions in multiple projects such as OpenStack, Kata Containers and StarlingX etc. We actively led, participated and contributed to OpenInfra community activities and had great collaborations with partners. 


Describe your experience with other non profits or serving as a board member. How does your experience prepare you for the role of a board member?


I am currently a Gold member board director in OIF. I have worked on open source software and collaborated with ecosystem partners in open source communities for many years. I have rich experience in various initiatives, such as inclusion and diversity, collaboration with people across Geos and with different cultures etc. I think all these experiences prepare me well for the role of a board member in OIF. 


What do you see as the Board's role in OpenInfra's success?


OIF board is the leader for OIF community to make sure OIF’s long term success. I think the board has three main roles here.

- Drive the OIF strategy to shape our future path.

- Oversee the OIF community and cultivate the environment for the success. 

- Connect the dots and collaborate with other communities.


What do you think the top priority of the Board should be in 2022?


I think the top priority of the Board is to look at the technology trend and market, drive our OIF strategy to align with the mega industrial trends, embrace changes and identify opportunities to grow OIF together with open ecosystem.