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Sebastian Wenner

Date Joined
June 28, 2016

Statement of Interest

Using OpenStack in a service provider environment, doing enterprise-class operations


I started my careen in 1997 at IBM Germany, when I came across a new open-source operating system called Linux which drew a lot of my attention and continued to do so until present time. Over the time the scope grew larger, and I followed the open-source path to the cloud world and got part of the OpenStack (back then) and now OpenInfra family. 

Since 2012 I'm with T-Systems in different leadership roles and in 2014 we started a project to launch a public cloud for T-Systems/ Deutsche Telekom. This was the start of Open Telekom Cloud (OTC)! 

As the infrastructure lead and chief engineer, I am responsible for everything between the upper edge of double floor in the data center and the upper edge of the operating system. Open Telekom Cloud is by now one of the largest OpenStack-based clouds in Europe, providing full GDPR-compliance and the full stack of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS offerings.

Apart from doing all that computer stuff, I am married, have a son, and enjoy a lot doing some cooking & baking, spending time with my family and travelling throughout the world.


I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Nova,Swift,Glance,Heat,Openstack-ci,Deployment,Release

OpenStack Summit Presentations


Sebastian is a candidate in the January 2024 Board Elections .



My biggest contribution to OpenStack is building and running one of the largest clouds in Europe with currently 25.000+ assets in production in Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland as the Chief Engineer 



I'm now with the OpenInfra foundation in my second year and looking forward to contribute and shape the future of the foundation overall and especially in Europe with OpenInfra Europe.



This will be a critical year for OpenInfra to give proper direction for the foundation in the light of strategic partnerships to be formed, bring the regional hubs to shine and grow and do the right amount of lobbyism especially in the European environment.



Secure the future of OpenInfra in the light of ongoing organizational changes, cooperation with relevant communities for mutual growth as well as the prober handling of the now omnipresent AI tools/features/possibilities in OpenStack code