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Subramaniyam Pooni

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April 22, 2016

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Expert in the area of Software Defined Mobile Networking (SDMN), spear heading cutting edge R&D efforts and bringing thought leadership into building and architecting low latency, next generation highly distributed and scalable, mobility platform for 5G, IOT, MEC, Autonomous Car with Deep learning as the bed stone. Involved in the evolution of Next Generation Radio Access Edge with autonomous capability(AI, ML and Deep learning) by partnering with cutting edge startups, premier research institutions and professors and working with standard bodies with focus on producing new applications/software architectures. Highly proficient in microservices, containers, IOT platforms, Mobile edge services etc. An alumni of Mangalore  and Madras University from India, has spent his life in California as the lead technologist in several fortune 500 as well startups, pushing the envelope on automation. Currently as the founder of CSSQUAREDB TECHNOLOGIES and as a former Principal Architect, Software Architecture, in Wireless R&D division, Futurewei, he had provided technical leadership in the area of 5G, SDMN and Mobile Edge/IoT using SDN/SDS/BigData. He has held Senior Technical role as Principal Architect , working directly with the CTO's, at various startups like A10, Virtustream, Dorado Software, Starcom and at large companies like HP, IBM, Huawei in diverse areas in storage, networking and wireless, ranging from building hardware load balancers, network & storage controllers, virtualization, tooling ,distributed middle-ware etc. all the way up to application design, for the past 25 yrs. Subramaniyam is passionate about bringing about changes in cloud automation through self-discovery by systems and applications and thus his insights will provide the push for 'Function as a Service' starting from Silicon Valley. He is returning to OpenStack after several years coming back to embrace Open Source.

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