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Treva Williams

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April 01, 2016



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To learn more about Openstack architecture


Treva Nichole Williams is a Red Hat certified Linux, OpenStack, & OpenShift sysadmin, instructor, & dedicated Open Source evangelist. Before venturing into the field of online learning, Treva spent 5 years managing Rackspace’s multi-region, multi-tenant public cloud infrastructure as a Cloud Virtualization administrator. Treva is an OpenStack Active Technical Contributor & Active User Contributor, and is active in several OpenStack, RDO, OpenShift and Ceph communities and groups. When not OpenStacking, OpenShifting, or Cephing, Treva enjoys doggos, candy, cartoons, and playing "So You Think You're a Marine Biologist" on Google.

Speaking of doggos, Treva frequently travels with her companion pup, Sir Hairold B. Goggington III, & he loves making new friends. Feel free to come up & say hello. :D

  • Replicated - From 2021-01-11 (Current)
  • Pink Penguins - From 2020-05-15 (Current)
  • Trilliams Consulting Services - From 2019-05-17 (Current)
  • - From 2017-01-03 To 2019-06-17
  • Rackspace - From 2011-11-07 To 2016-11-25


I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Container Orchestration Engine Provisioning (Magnum),Puppet modules to deploy OpenStack (Puppet-openstack),RPM package specs to deploy OpenStack (RPM-packaging)

OpenStack Summit Presentations
Berlin Sydney
  • CephaloPals - Ceph, OpenStack, & Why It's Great Together

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