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Frank Kloeker Community Contributor Award

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August 06, 2015



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Cloud Operations


Generation 9600. Launched with Internet experiences in the nineties of the last millennium. Working with all kinds of internet services on bigger platforms as operator.Experienced in cloud computing since 2011.

Enter into OpenStack project at Deutsche Telekom in 2012 as Technology Manager Cloud Applications. First OpenStack summit 2015 in Tokyo. Joining the I18n team before and contribute as a translator til today. Collaborate at Design Summits and the translation check site project. Current status as a core reviewer and member of the German translation team.

In parallel member of the Enterprise Working Group and co-author of the OpenStack Cloud Application Guide which was written during the Barcelona Summit.

Inventor of the Cloud-Kindergarten. Cloud and OpenStack as a component of modern education for apprentices and students. 

  • Deutsche Telekom AG - From 2012-08-01 (Current)
Community Contributor Awards
  • Open Infrastructure Shield - Berlin 2018

OpenStack Summit Presentations
  • I18n Project Update: how OpenStack translation started from Chinese language team
Denver Berlin Vancouver, BC Boston

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