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Armstrong Foundjem OpenStack Upstream Institute

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May 05, 2015



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Open source communities is where I belong, which is why OpenStack ecosystem is the community of choice --Release team and Scientific working group. I am a researcher of open source ecosystems, interest in ecosystem software releases, AI and Machine learning, IoT, BigData Analytics.

Ph.D. Cand.,   Software Engineering, MCIS -- Laboratory,  Polytechnique de Montréal OpenStack Member Level: Foundation Member I am Using a DevOps approach with AI and applied machine learning to make crucial decisions. Currently, I am partly involved with the release team of OpenStack My area of research includes Release Engineering, cloud computing, mining, construction and Intelligence of Software. I am currently working on software engineering topics for swarms of robots towards search and rescue missions in a hazardous environment and medical applications. These topics ranged from hardware-related problems to software engineering (includes release mechanisms for such software) and modeling of swarm behavior in certain environments. Moreover, my expertise in cloud computing is an asset, as I look forward to seeing how clouds (more specifically, OpenStack cloud) can help swarms distributively.  Also, I am experienced in building test bench simulator for micro IBB black boxes for cars in other to reconstruct accident scenario to understand drivers’. Behaviors.    Currently, I am serving as a Science Judge for Quebec and Canada (Canada-Wide-Science)   Member of IEEE and ACM.
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