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Armstrong Foundjem OpenStack Upstream Institute

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May 05, 2015



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Applying graphical neural networks to open-source communities to uncover social network phenomena and patterns of interest. Interested in ecosystem sustainability, AI and Machine learning, IoT, and BigData Analytics.

Dr. Armstrong Foundjem is a researcher with the DEEL project. He investigates the certifiability of safety-critical AI systems with example applications in the healthcare and air transport industries. Thus, ensuring that learning algorithms operate under the intended environment. He is a mixed-method researcher in the intersection of software ecosystems sustainability, intersectionality, unconscious biases, underrepresentedness, and social network analysis of open-source communities. His research spans release engineering --- AI/ML/Dev-Ops, certifiability of deep learning models, software engineering for machine learning applications, natural language processing --- Large language models (LLM), human-centered design, human-computer interaction. He mines massive software repositories/datasets to uncover patterns and make informed decisions on various topics in empirical software engineering and edge/cloud computing. He also has skills in robotics and automation. -- Member of IEEE and ACM.
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OpenStack Summit Presentations
OpenInfra Summit Vancouver 2023
  • How large language and deep learning models can prevent toxicity such as unconscious biases from spreading in an online communities

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