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Rico Lin Community Constributor Award

Date Joined
April 10, 2015



Statement of Interest

OpenStack, Heat, Magnum


Rico Lin, OpenStack Technical Committee (TC) member, Heat PTL in the past cycles, char for Auto-scaling SIG, software engineer, EasyStack.

Experienced on OpenStack develop(infra and app), Cloud architect, Container(docker and k8s), community(contribute and event host), and customer tech consults and supports.

Goals in OpenStack:

* Improve experiences of Cloud native application on top of OpenStack(by improving infra and user experiences).
* Blending OpenStack with other cloud solutions to make it become one indispensable layer.

* Leverage the community differences across global (Include let Asia community get more actively join to others).

  • EasyStack - From 2017-02-27 (Current)
  • inwinSTACK - From 2014-01-06 To 2017-02-24
Community Contributor Awards
  • Hero of the People - Berlin 2018


I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Orchestration (Heat),Container Orchestration Engine Provisioning (Magnum)

OpenStack Summit Presentations
Virtual Open Infrastructure Summit
  • Automation SIG BoF
  • Multi-arch SIG BoF
  • Multi-Arch Support in OpenStack
Shanghai Denver Berlin Vancouver, BC Sydney

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