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Stacy Veronneau Community Contributor Award

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April 08, 2015

Statement of Interest

Help companies plan, deploy and operate OpenStack


Cloud evangelist, technical lead with business know-how and open source advocate. I'm involved with the Canadian OpenStack community (Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver) and want to see it get to its full potential. 

My goal is to make businesses win with OpenStack by helping them with day 1 and 2 issues and workload onboarding.  From hardware planning to deployment and monitoring while thinking DevOps and anchor OpenStack at the core of your CI/CD pipeline.


I'm also an OpenStack ambassador to Canada.


<<OpenStack Cloud builder since Grizzly>>

  • CloudOps - From 2015-02-02 (Current)
  • Ericsson Montreal - From 2013-05-13 To 2015-01-23
Community Contributor Awards
  • ‘Does Anyone Actually Use This’ Trophy - Vancouver, BC 2018

OpenStack Summit Presentations
Vancouver, BC Barcelona, Spain
  • 9 Ways to consume Kubernetes on Openstack in 10 min
  • Faking a Bare Metal Lab Using Public Cloud Resources

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