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Tobias Rydberg OpenStack Upstream Institute Community Constributor Award

Date Joined
March 18, 2015



Statement of Interest

Senior Developer


Senior software developer at the OpenStack based public cloud City Network, based in Sweden but with locations around the globe. More than 10 years of industry experience.

Tobias main focus is developing City Networks cloud management platform - used for all our OpenStack installations - and other cool complementary features. Also spending some good time maintaining our installations.

Big fan på OpenStack, been around it for a couple of years now. Proud to have been given the opportunity to co-chair the Public Cloud Working group.

  • City Network Hosting AB - From 2014-08-01 (Current)
Community Contributor Awards
  • Open Infrastructure Shield - Sydney 2017

OpenStack Summit Presentations
Berlin 2022
  • The Future of the Public Cloud SIG
  • Change ownership of resources - followup
  • Project Resource Cleanup - followup
  • How should we do billing for OpenStack deployments?
  • Public Cloud WG Meeting
  • Change ownership of resources - followup
  • Project Resource Cleanup - followup
  • Operator, end user and Public cloud feedback
  • Public Cloud WG Meeting
  • Getting Operators' bugfixes upstreamed
  • Expose SIGs and WGs
  • Far From Done: Public Clouds Needs You
  • Change of ownership of resources
  • Deletion of project and project resources
  • OpenStack Passport Program - feedback and next step
Vancouver, BC Sydney Boston Barcelona, Spain