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Armin Ranjbar

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November 29, 2014



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Long time open infrastructure guy, focusing on helping large scale companies (Big4, Banks, Research institutes, Telcos) migrate to opensource from proprietary infrastructures, and they love it!


Armin was a Coder before going to school, ran multiple companies, running OpenStack and other opensource platforms for large scale/mission-critical customers across the world, fascinated by the future of the community.

During the past decade, Armin has been Instilling the whole concept of open infrastructures with the highest government and corporate levels in Europe, including Telcos, Banks, Research institutes, federation (Such as GAIA-X), and large corporations, and that experience is something that I can bring to the table.

Hybree has been actively seeking the goal of helping larger scale companies switching to Open Infrastructure by addressing their concerns, helping them with training and hand-holding, as well as providing a robust hybrid cloud alternative.


I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Dashboard (Horizon),Compute Service (Nova),Networking (Neutron),Object store (Swift),Identity service (Keystone),Metering & Data Collection Service (Ceilometer),Bare Metal Provisioning Service (Ironic),Instances High Availability Service (Masakari),EC2 API proxy (EC2API),Official Python SDK for OpenStack APIs (Openstacksdk),Block Storage (Cinder),OpenStack Storage integration for containers (Fuxi),Client library for interacting with OpenStack clouds (Shade),Placement service (Placement),Image service (Glance),Database as a Service (Trove),Shared filesystems (Manila),DNS service (Designate),Deployment of containerised OpenStack to bare metal (Kayobe),Ansible playbooks to deploy OpenStack (Openstack-ansible)

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