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Giuseppe Paterno'

Date Joined
August 02, 2014

Alchemy Solutions From 2015-10-01 (Current)
GARL From 2008-08-01 (Current)
Canonical Ltd From 2010-09-01 To 2014-08-01
RedHat From 2006-03-01 To 2010-09-01
Statement of Interest

Making OpenStack the most used platform among enterprises, service providers and outsourcers. Aiming in fortify the core services.




It's hard to define myself, I would say that I'm a consultant. I came from the field and from the early stages of Linux, even if I contributed to many opensource projects.

HP rates me among the global top 30 OpenStack consultant and even mentioned in Forrester Research OpenStack whitepaper “OpenStack is ready, are you?". I’ve been working in the past as an IT Architect and Security Expert for Canonical/Ubuntu, RedHat, Sun Microsystems and IBM and  named Visiting Researcher at the University of Dublin Trinity College ad-honorem.

As I’ve spent my last 22+ years in OpenSource, I had the privilege of working with the best people in the industry. This is the reason why I’ve got great relationships with HP, RedHat, SUSE, Ubuntu, Dell, Intel, Fortinet and many many others. I wrote many whitepapers and books and my latest one “OpenStack explained” helped collecting funds to help the population in Nepal after the earthquake.

I’ve been working in super-exciting field projects: creating the standard for J2ME Over-The-Air (OTA) provisioning along with Vodafone, the study of architecture and standards for the delivery of MHP applications for the digital terrestrial television (DTT) on behalf of DTT Lab and implementation of HLR for Vodafone landline services. Not mentioning the most cited OpenStack installations in telco and finance.

My aim is to bring in connection the board of director with the real world of enterprises, service providers, outsourcers and system integrators.

On my private I’m still a geek enjoying testing and being part of the OpenSource world. I’d like to transmit data in any mean, that’s why I’m a radioamateur. I’m also a chef with passion of baking and a leisure pilot on the weekends :-)

My website is and @gpaterno on Twitter



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Nova,Swift,Glance,Keystone,Quantum

Speaker Profile:


Giuseppe is a candidate in the January 2018 Board Election .


What is your relationship to OpenStack, and why is its success important to you? What would you say is your biggest contribution to OpenStack's success to date?


I'm working with OpenStack since the Diablo release back in 2007. I initially made some patches and now I'm architecting big infrastructures on behalf of big names. I was involved in most of the biggest success stories in Europe.


Describe your experience with other non profits or serving as a board member. How does your experience prepare you for the role of a board member?


I am currently help coordinating the OpenStack Meetups in Switzerland, Italy and UK. I am involved in some Linux upstream projects as I worked for both RedHat and Canonical/Ubuntu. I was part of the community since 1994.


What do you see as the Board's role in OpenStack's success?


Driving the project in the way the users and market is going. 


What do you think the top priority of the Board should be over the next year?


Focus on long term supportablility, i.e. help introducing the LTS releases, bridging the gap between the developers and the community of users and companies, and carefully help selecting the projects that should follow under the big tent.

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