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Rainya Mosher

Date Joined
July 28, 2012

Cisco Cloud Foundation From 2015-06-29 (Current)
Rackspace From 2012-04-02 To 2015-06-26
Statement of Interest

Use my powers for the good of OpenStack to create a world-class platform




Rainya Mosher is an Engineering Manager with 4+ years in OpenStack, first at Rackspace and more recently at Cisco Systems. She has worked with a variety of OpenStack teams in both development and operations over the  years, including OpenStack Compute and OpenStack Networks, to help them find the sweet spot between productivity and innovation, as well as led the team of engineers that navigated the treachous waters of production scale and trunk deploys during Grizzly for Rackspace. She is a creative type with a strong software development background who likes people and got sucked into the manager path along the way. When she’s not immersed in email and IRC, she can be found singng in San Antonio, Texas’ local theatre scene or writing the next great American novel.



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Nova,Glance,Quantum,Ceilometer,Heat,Ironic,Openstack-ci,Openstack-manuals,QA,Release

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