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James Denton

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July 18, 2014



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James Denton is Principal Architect for Rackspace. He has spent almost 8 years building OpenStack-based private clouds as part of the Rackspace Private Cloud group, and has been involved with OpenStack since the Essex release. James is an active participant in #openstack-ansible on IRC, and has released numerous books related to OpenStack Networking and other OpenStack projects.

  • Rackspace Hosting - From 2008-06-02 (Current)

OpenStack Summit Presentations
OpenInfra Summit Vancouver 2023
  • The Highs and Lows of SmartNIC DPU Enablement
Denver Barcelona, Spain Paris OpenStack Summit


James is a candidate in the January 2024 Board Elections .



As an early participant in the deployment and operation of OpenStack-based clouds, I have witnessed OpenStack enable others across the globe to build and manage cloud infrastructure to enable their own successes in various business markets and education. I am proud to have contributed back to the community as an author of numerous books on OpenStack Networking and continue to contribute as a developer and mentor.



While I have not served as a board member, I have been involved with Scouts BSA as an Eagle Scout and volunteer leader for over 25 years. As an adult leader, I have been involved with the "business" of running a local chapter of a larger non-profit organization, while also serving as a leader and mentor to others in the program.



The OpenInfra Board should provide valuable insight into the needs of the respective communities to drive the priorities of the Foundation, as well as advocate for the projects under the OpenInfra umbrella.



Open source software faces new challenges that will shape the landscape for years to come, and the board should continue to focus on protecting the relevancy and health of projects under its umbrella. Simplifying the contribution process and keeping documentation both relevant and useful are key to the sustainability of OpenInfra technologies.

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