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Julia Kreger Community Contributor Award

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May 27, 2014



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To learn, leverage, and help evolve.


I started my working career in technology close to twenty years ago. It has surely not been an average career, but a career where I've continually learned and evolved to fulfill the need. In a sense, it all started with Linux and answering some questions about installing Linux. This started a journey into computer networking and eventually shifted to a systems engineering focus with a stop-over in data center operations.

The DevOps movement lead me more into software development and the operationalization of software due to the need to automate large scale systems deployments. This required bringing an operational perspective while bridging to the requirements, and often required digging deep into the underlying code to solve the problem of the day.

In a sense, I found a home in OpenStack in 2014 and the Ironic project in 2015 because of many years spent working with physical hardware in data centers. 

I presently work for Red Hat as a Principal Software Engineer, where my upstream focus has been Ironic for the past few years, and my downstream focus has been on helping lead adoption and use of Ironic. 


  • Red Hat - From 2017-12-04 (Current)
  • HP Cloud - From 2014-05-21 To 2015-10-31
Community Contributor Awards
  • I Fight for the Users Cup - Berlin 2018


I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Bare Metal Provisioning Service (Ironic),Bifrost,Ironic,Tripleo,Openstacksdk

OpenStack Summit Presentations
OpenInfra Summit Vancouver 2023
  • Demystifying Ironic’s Access Control model
Berlin 2022 Virtual Open Infrastructure Summit Shanghai Denver Berlin Vancouver, BC Sydney Boston

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Julia is a candidate in the January 2024 Board Elections .



I have served as the Chair of the OpenInfra Foundation Board of Directors for the past two years, and previously have served as the Vice-Chair of the Board, and as an Individual Director of the Foundation. I've also served on the OpenStack TC, and as a PTL for Ironic during seven development cycles. I deeply care about the success of our communities, community members, and projects.



I have served on some smaller non-profit boards in the past, however those non-profits are largely unrelated to this case. That being said, those additional experiences have helped provide me a greater skill set and helped me advise some other members of non-profit boards.



The Board is vital to set an environment where projects can grow and succeed, provide oversight to the Foundation's staff, and cross-project guidance where appropriate.



The top priority of the board should be to work on the long term health of the OpenInfra Foundation in uncertain times as governments are beginning to grapple with how to regulate and manage Open Source.

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