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Chris Dent Community Contributor Award

Date Joined
May 20, 2014



Statement of Interest

Improving the quality of OpenStack for individual users and developers.


Chris has been working with and developing various forms of distributed systems for around 25 years. When he landed in the world of OpenStack, Chris started with the Telemetry project and has since moved into improving the scheduler in Nova and helping to create the new Placement service. Chris is primarily interested in the ways groups of people use networked technology to collaborate, exploring the problem space of information sharing and reuse. He hopes to helpĀ makeĀ himself and everyone else less dumb. He is a member of the Technical Committee, a core reviewer in the API working group, and is the author of Gabbi, an HTTP testing tool, and a large suite of diverse experiments for enhancing asynchronous collaboration on the internet. In OpenStack, Chris is striving to bring about some semblance of maturity, composability and accessibility to the services while also increasing the degree of communication and transparency among the many people and organizations involved with OpenStack.

  • Mirantis - From 2015-12-01 To 2017-06-16
  • Red Hat, Inc. - From 2014-05-15 To 2015-11-13
Community Contributor Awards
  • Reality Check Prize - Barcelona, Spain 2016


I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Compute Service (Nova)

OpenStack Summit Presentations
Vancouver, BC
  • Forum 101
  • Building the path to extracting Placement from Nova
  • Planning to use Placement in Cinder
  • Official projects and the boundary of "what is OpenStack"
  • API SIG feedback and discussion session
  • API Working Group Update and BOF
Barcelona, Spain
  • API Working Group Meetup
  • API Working Group Mitaka Cycle Roundup

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