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Arne Wiebalck

Date Joined
April 29, 2014



Statement of Interest

Cloud and Linux Team Lead in CERN IT

With a degree in physics and a PhD in Computer Science, Arne joined the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) as a system engineer more than 15 years ago. Initially working on distributed file systems and the low-level tape infrastructure, he moved to the cloud team in 2014 and eventually became responsible for the operation of CERN IT’s OpenStack based private cloud infrastructure. Currently, he acts as the lead for the Cloud and Linux teams in CERN IT. He contributed upstream to various projects over the years (such as Cinder, Manila, or Ironic), is a regular speaker at OpenInfra events and an Ironic core member,  has joined the Technical Committee and acts as the chair of the OpenStack Bare Metal SIG.
  • CERN - From 2006-11-01 (Current)


I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Ironic

OpenStack Summit Presentations


Arne is a candidate in the January 2023 Board Elections .


What is your relationship to OpenStack Foundation (OSF), and why is its success important to you? What would you say is your biggest contribution to the OSF and the success of its projects to date?


Soon after joining the CERN IT cloud team I started to engage with the upstream community and have suggested and/or implemented various features which originated from the operational needs of our deployment. Examples include Cinder’s trash mechanism, Manila’s per share type quotas, or Ironic’s software RAID support. The interaction with the upstream community encouraged me to take on more roles, such as the Bare Metal SIG chair or acting as an Ironic core member, and to help with organizing/hosting OpenInfra events, such as the Ironic mid-cycle at CERN. 

One significant contribution to the OIF and the community was to establish the Bare Metal SIG as a focal point for all bare metal management discussions within the OpenInfra community (along with the publication of the “Building the Future on Bare Metal” white paper which sets a vision how to deliver abstraction and automation using Open Source Infrastructure).

Since I was involved in many sessions to showcase our deployment and get others started with open infrastructure, being an open infrastructure advocate and bringing new users into the community is another contribution I would like to highlight.


Describe your experience with other non-profits or serving as a board member. How does your experience prepare you for the role of a board member?


With CERN, I have worked for a non-profit organization for many years -- and I still take great pleasure from being a small part in something which has a greater meaning. The experiences I made during this time is what I would like to bring to the board in order to help with providing guidance and oversight and making the overall mission of the foundation a success.


What do you see as the Board's role in OpenStack's success?


By means of its diverse composition, the OpenInfra board combines different perspectives which together are key to provide solid strategic (and financial) guidance for the foundation and its projects. By complementing the work of the Technical Committee, the board's role is to ensure the overall health and wellness of the foundation’s mission.


What do you think the top priority of the Board should be over the next year?


During the next year(s), the Open Infrastructure Board will need to act more than ever as an enabler to ensure long-term community health: while the amount of deployed resources of the OpenInfra projects still increases, there are concerns around the lack of contributor diversity, community growth, and overall engagement. The board should, together with other governance bodies and the community leads, work on pathways to address these risks to ensure community health and the success of our overall mission.

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