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Erno Kuvaja

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March 12, 2014



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Contributor, driving for supportability and enterprise clouds


Last almost 5 years been employed by HP working in different organizations. I joined HP 2010 to be part of building a software support team for Northen European Region supporting enterprise customers using HP-UX and Linux systems. Moved to do backline support for Linux based clustered storage product and latest advancement in my career has been joining the HP Cloud team to work with Glance as developer and since november core reviewer.


I have been open source enthustiac since early teens when we installed Slackware linux to my friends computer. Out of the tech world I love my adrenaline. Does not matter if it comes in form of snowkiting, sky diving or rock climbing. Although living in Ireland has put a pause of lots of those and it can be seen on my frame.

  • Hewlett Packard - From 2010-04-06 To 2016-02-03


I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Image service (Glance),Backup{comma} Restore{comma} and Disaster Recovery (Freezer)

OpenStack Summit Presentations
  • Glance - Project Update - November 2019
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  • Logging Work Group BoF
  • From first commit to core reviewer

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