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village tunic

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May 02, 2024

Forget about big tasks and well-kept scenery. You might find yourself in a whole new kind of virtual jungle with gorilla tag. It's a crazy playground where the lines between hunts and hunted aren't always clear. This is not your average virtual reality experience. Instead, it's a funny version of tag on steroids, where you play as a crazy gorilla and bother people. Picture a thick ceiling of scared screams and laughs. If you're a smart gorilla, you can move through the bush with ease. Below, sluggish humans run around aimlessly on two legs, but your ape-like speed makes it impossible for them to get up. When you tag someone, you give them a primal growl and flick your wrist in a way that could be seen as fun or slightly cruel. There is more to Gorilla Tag than just random chaos, though. Being able to move well is a must for success. It's up to you to plan your strikes, move quickly through the trees, and trick your human enemies. As you glide through the jungle, you and they will both have moments of pure excitement and moments of pure comedy. You will both enjoy the thrill (and sometimes the annoyance) of virtual movement.
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