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Buer Azazel

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May 02, 2023



Statement of Interest

I am passionate about using mathematical modeling techniques to understand how infectious diseases spread within populations, and how interventions can be implemented to prevent further spread and minimize harm to communities. In particular, I am interested in the Hendra virus outbreak and its impact on the Australian population. To achieve my research objectives, I plan to use advanced computational tools, including quantum computers, to simulate the spread of the virus through the population of Australia.

By developing and testing models using publicly available data, I aim to identify the most effective local interventions for controlling and containing outbreaks of the Hendra virus. This research will contribute to the field of epidemiology and provide valuable insights and tools that can inform public health policies and decision-making. Ultimately, I hope that my work will help to protect and improve the health and wellbeing of communities worldwide facing similar outbreaks.

I am a high school student with a strong interest in mathematics and science, particularly in the field of epidemiology. I am fascinated by the way that mathematical models can be used to understand and predict the spread of infectious diseases within populations, and how this knowledge can inform public health policies and interventions. Through my coursework and extracurricular activities, I have developed a solid foundation in mathematics and computer science, which I plan to apply to the study of infectious disease dynamics. I have also participated in community health initiatives and volunteer work, which has given me an appreciation for the importance of public health in promoting wellbeing and preventing disease. In my future studies, I hope to continue exploring the intersection of mathematics and epidemiology, and to contribute to the development of models and tools that can help to prevent and control the spread of infectious diseases.