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**Christian Goldbach**

Christian Goldbach worked mainly at the Petersburg Academy, of which he was permanent secretary. He corresponded with many European scholars of his time.

In the field of mathematics - [do my homework services]( , he was mainly concerned with number theory and problems of series theory. The Goldbach conjecture can be traced back to him.

Christian Goldbach was born on 18 March 1690 as the son of a pastor in Konigsberg, he died on 20 November 1764 in St. Petersburg.

In his native city, Goldbach mainly studied law. After extensive travels, he received a professorship for mathematics and history in St. Petersburg in 1725. In addition, he became permanent secretary of the St. Petersburg Academy, in whose foundation he had participated uninvited. On his recommendation - [math xl answers] , Daniel Bernoulli (1700 to 1782) and his brother Nikolaus (1695 to 1726) were appointed to Petersburg in 1725.

Goldbach is regarded as an imaginative outsider and globetrotter. He travelled (from 1742 even as a senior civil servant in the foreign service - ) through many European countries and met important mathematicians of his time such as Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646 to 1716).

In the field of mathematics, Christian Goldbach was mainly concerned with number theory and problems of series theory, especially the interpolation of sequences and series.

He kept up a lively and fruitful correspondence with many European scientists, including Leonhard Euler (1707 to 1783), to whom he "passed on", for example, Fermat's conjecture about the prime number character of 2^2 n+1.

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