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Giorgos E

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February 15, 2022

Hello! My name is Giorgos(George) Papadakis and I am Senior Software Engineer. My current projects are with clients in Automotive Industry(NDA), working on designing and developing the next generation systems for automated Collisions Predictor on Automotive software. My interests are in the broad area of computer systems and storage systems. Special emphasis has been placed in Cloud Computing and Big Data Analytics. Lately I have gained a lot of experience in Embedded Automotive Software. Finally, I study and develop software for Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain for well established nonprofit organizations. Always passionate for knowledge and science, combined with a constant strong desire to learn new skills and technologies. Here are some Languages and technologies currently being used: C, C++, CodeProver, BugFinder, AutoSAR, Python, Bash, Java. In my own time, I enjoy swimming, playing chess, reading philosophy and much more...