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Stefano Maffulli

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July 26, 2012



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OpenStack is to cloud computing what GNU is to desktop and client/server computing


I have built my career around Free Software and open source: from pre-sales engineer and product manager at Italian GNU/Linux distribution MadeInLinux to Italian country director of the Free Software Foundation Europe. Under my watch as community manager at Rackspace and at the OpenStack Foundation, OpenStack became the fastest growing open source project. My daily job as Director of Cloud Marketing and Community at DreamHost keeps me busy growing the community of app developers on the Open Source cloud. In my spare time, I sail small boats in the shark infested, choppy San Francisco Bay.


  • DreamHost - From 2015-06-22 (Current)
  • Open Infrastructure Foundation - From 2013-07-12 To 2015-06-14
  • Rackspace - From 2011-08-22 To 2012-09-03

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