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Dean Troyer Community Contributor Award

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July 26, 2012



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To make OpenStack the premier cloud ecosystem


Dean Troyer is a full-time OpenStack developer, working with Intel's Open Source Technology Center.  His current focus is on enabling the StarlingX community and he serves on the StarlingX Technical Steering Committee.   He is also the founder and PTL of the OpenStackClient project and in addition is a core reviewer for the OpenStack SDK, cliff and DevStack projects.  He is a former member of the OpenStack Technical Committee.

Previous to his OpenStack work for Nebula, Rackspace and NASA, Dean has been a developer and UNIX system administrator in both large and small enterprises.  His prior Open Source activities include contributions to Samba, the Linux kernel and the Perl 4 and 5 ports for Win32.

  • Intel - From 2015-04-27 To 2020-03-31
  • Nebula - From 2013-09-04 To 2015-04-01
  • Rackspace - From 2012-06-04 To 2013-08-02
Community Contributor Awards
  • The Simple-to-Implement Prize - Austin 2016


I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Command-line interface for all OpenStack services (Openstackclient),Official Python SDK for OpenStack APIs (Openstacksdk)

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