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EOGHAN GLYNN Community Contributor Award

Date Joined
July 26, 2012



Statement of Interest

Primarily interested in contributing to Openstack upsteam with a view to making the project work better, for the benefit of the wider community.


Eoghan is the Director of OpenStack Engineering at Red Hat. He has been part of the Red Hat investment in OpenStack for the past decade, first as an individual contributor and upstream project leader, and then later as a manager. He has a long background with open source and with cloud technology, having contributed to the Apache community for many years and also worked on AWS monitoring while at Amazon. Eoghan is based in Dublin, Ireland though he's also part of a highly globalized team at Red Hat.

  • Red Hat - From 2012-01-01 (Current)
Community Contributor Awards
  • Reality Check Prize - Barcelona, Spain 2016


I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Nova,Glance

OpenStack Summit Presentations
OpenInfra Summit Vancouver 2023
  • The evolving shape of the OpenStack community
Berlin 2022


EOGHAN is a candidate in the January 2024 Board Elections .



I have the privilege to lead the OpenStack Engineering team at Red Hat, for many years the largest contributor to the OpenStack community and codebase. Upstream first is deeply embedded in our organizational DNA at Red Hat, and the 4 Opens are central to the team’s culture. I can’t take personal credit for that, as it’s mostly due to their deep technical domain expertise and a mindset that enables them to be highly effective in navigating the community dynamic. Though I like to think I’ve played a role in fostering that constructive and open culture for more than a decade, supporting the team in achieving their community & product goals.



I have 2.5 years of experience sitting on the OpenInfra Foundation Board of Directors, so I’m very familiar with the dynamic on that governance body.



Given the strategic headwinds that the Open Source movement is facing in the regulatory and commercial domains, the Board has a key role in guiding the OpenInfra community as we navigate those challenges.



The Board’s top priority needs to be ensuring the long term viability of the communities that it stewards. As the shape of those communities continues to evolve, with fewer contributors and contributions, we need to take a realistic and pragmatic approach to account for that. I see continuing strong relevance in the marketplace, and a future based on a right-sized but still robust and highly creative community.