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Individual Member Profile


Prashant Mishra

Date Joined
April 26, 2019

Statement of Interest

Willing to contribute in the development of OpenStack projects


Prashant Mishra is a serial entrepreneur and tech-savvy innovator. His experience includes Opensource Board member, VP of Wells Fargo, EVP at Persistent systems, Development Manager at Microsoft. He has successfully built two progressive companies that were later acquired by Persistent System and HP. He previously worked as a OS developer at Microsoft along with managing large scale production deployments and services for windows licenses.

Currently, he is the CEO at Click2Cloud which is collaborated with 18 Leading Cloud providers (Alibaba, Baidu, Softbank, etc.) mostly from Asia and North America, where click2cloud is helping them with Migration technology, Multi-Cloud Management & Assessment platform.

Prashant has been an elected individual director and management board on Opensource since 2012.

  • Major opensource contributions from Prashant are Red Hat Plugin, Windows Container design for heterogeneous system on Cloud foundry and Linux Foundation projects.
  • He is governing board representative at Centaurus (Open Cloud Infra), an open-source platform for building a unified and scalable distributed cloud infrastructure.
  • Technical Steering Committee (TSC) at SODA Foundation & open Gauss community.
  • He is Alibaba’s MVP for supporting community and in past nominated by Microsoft for similar contributions.

His team is running the OpenStack cloud to deploy the products (CloudsBrain + Cloud Intel) which has been in production since July 2017. His outstanding contribution to multiple opensource communities includes CNCF, SODA Foundation, Manage IQ, open Gauss, Centaurus, Red Hat, HarmonyOS, OpenEuler and many more.

Apart from his active contribution, he has led several speaking session such as SODACON 2020, Kubecon, Microsoft Ignite, IBM Connect, Red Hat partner conference, Alibaba Apsara Conference, Cloud Foundry Summit, Kubernetes Forum, Summit by Huawei and Cloud Native Conf( Europe)by CNCF.

Click2Cloud has two nodes where Opensource OpenStack & Red Hat OpenStack are deployed individually to have almost 60 VMs running in real-time.

  • Click2Cloud Inc. - From 2015-08-24 (Current)

Speaker Profile:


Prashant is a candidate in the January 2021 Board Elections .


What is your relationship to the Open Infrastructure Foundation, and why is its success important to you? What would you say is your biggest contribution to Open Infrastructure Foundation's success to date?

      • I have been working on OpenStack since 2012. Click2cloud has been part of the development/ support of Open Infrastructure Foundation's though Huawei, which is a world-class software that is leading organizations to have a clear transition from IaaS to Cloud Native Infrastructure.  We have developed a migration and multi-cloud management platform; that provides automated solutions for Infra, Cost, Migration Assessment, and Management using Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) technologies.
      • OTC, Orange, Huawei, and other top cloud providers based on Openstack are already using our platform  (CloudsBrain) to seamlessly migrate their workload from On-prem/cloud to Openstack based cloud.
      • Our biggest contribution to Open Infrastructure Foundation is to launch and a migration platform for all OpenStack based clouds. Also, we have to help to grow the community and the ecosystem.
      • In India, Cloud Services in the Indian government is a top priority. Based on our experience and support of 300+ experts of Click3cloud, we are very excited to define the strategy and goals to launch Openstack cloud in India for Gov, banking industry; even further with telecom (Reliance Jio); according to the mission and responsibilities.



Describe your experience with other non profits or serving as a board member. How does your experience prepare you for the role of a board member?

    • I’m on TOC board of SODA Foundation under Linux Foundation and Centaurus Infrastructure Project under Linux Foundation to Advance IaaS for 5G, AI and Edge. We are the primary decision-maker for both projects and oversees business decisions, budgets, outreach, marketing/events, trademarks, etc. We are defining and maintaining the technical vision for both projects.
    • I’m passionate about strategies and the OpenSource community. I have a personal interest to build an ecosystem & lead OpenStack community in India. I along with Click2Cloud team is one of the earliest Openstack supporters. We hosted 4+ hackathons in partnership with China (open Infra) team.
    • In click2cloud, I’m leading  & managing the opensource ecosystem’s top projects from the last 10+ years.  We are an official contributor of Redhat ManageIQ, SODA (Under Linux Foundation), Centaurus, OpenGauss, HarmonyOS, hashicorp etc.

What do you see as the Board's role in Open Infrastructure Foundation's success?

    • We are working with Gov sectors and large enterprises from the last 12+ years for their cloud migration journey. The Government of India is embracing cloud computing technology for expanding its e-governance initiatives throughout the country.  Based on our experience and industry presence; we will define the strategy and goals to launch Openstack cloud in India for the Government of India and the banking industry (Cooperative Banks in India). And even further with telecom (Reliance Jio).  I believe, based on my experience I am qualified to continue my support in Open Infrastructure Foundation.
    • Our goal is to launch India based cloud (Made in India) is very important for us. While this is not completely Made in India, Click2Cloud believes that being on board will help create an opportunity to partner with Gov to launch Made in India cloud.Cloud Services in the Indian government are a top priority.
    • Click2Cloud is a product-based company that provides automated solutions for Infra, Cost, Migration Assessment and Management using Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) technologies. Based on our experience, and with the support of the entire Click2Cloud team experts of 300+ people; we can make this possible.

What do you think the top priority of the Board should be over the next year?

    • I think the top priority of the Board should be to differentiate OIF by strengthening and maturing graduated projects, seeking new opportunities, assisting and embracing incubated projects during the challenging period of COVID-19, plan and get prepared for the next 10 years of cloud computing evolution to meet the big potential market size.
    • We will help to define the strategy and goals to launch Openstack cloud in India for all banking industry; even further with telecom (Reliance Jio); according to the mission and responsibilities.


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