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Martin Kopec

Date Joined
May 22, 2018



Statement of Interest

Automation of testing OpenStack environments.

Martin works as a Senior Software Quality Engineer at Red Hat focusing on automation in OpenStack. Automation involves Ansible, Python, Jenkins and Zuul. As a part of his role he also contributes upstream as a core in several OpenStack related projects such as Tempest and Refstack related projects (refstack-client, refstack, interop, python-tempestconf). As of March 2021 he serves as a PTL for Quality Assurance in OpenStack upstream community. In Yoga cycle he was elected a Chair for Interop Working Group.
  • Red Hat, Inc - From 2022-07-20 (Current)
  • Red Hat - From 2016-07-01 (Current)


I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: The OpenStack Integration Test Suite (Tempest),Packaging-rpm (Packaging-rpm),RPM package specs to deploy OpenStack (RPM-packaging),Ansible playbooks to deploy OpenStack (Openstack-ansible),Ansible playbooks and roles for deployment (OpenStackAnsible)

OpenStack Summit Presentations
Berlin 2022
  • RefStack- OpenStack Interoperability