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OpenStack Networking

OpenStack Networking: Pluggable, scalable, API-driven network and IP management

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Today's datacenter networks contain more devices than ever before—servers, network equipment, storage systems and security appliances — —many of which are further divided into virtual machines and virtual networks. The number of IP addresses, routing configurations and security rules can quickly grow into the millions. Traditional network management techniques fall short of providing a truly scalable, automated approach to managing these next-generation networks. At the same time, users expect more control and flexibility with quicker provisioning.

OpenStack Networking is a pluggable, scalable and API-driven system for managing networks and IP addresses. Like other aspects of the cloud operating system, it can be used by administrators and users to increase the value of existing datacenter assets. OpenStack Networking ensures the network will not be the bottleneck or limiting factor in a cloud deployment and gives users real self service, even over their network configurations.

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