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OpenStack Dashboard

The OpenStack dashboard provides administrators and users a graphical interface to access, provision and automate cloud-based resources. The extensible design makes it easy to plug in and expose third party products and services, such as billing, monitoring and additional management tools. The dashboard is also brandable for service providers and other commercial vendors who want to make use of it.

The dashboard is just one way to interact with OpenStack resources. Developers can automate access or build tools to manage their resources using the native OpenStack API or the EC2 compatibility API.

Dashboard Capabilities

  • The dashboard is an extensible web app that allows cloud administrators and users to control their compute, storage and networking resources.
  • As a cloud administrator, the dashboard provides an overall view of the size and state of your cloud. You can create users and projects, assign users to projects and set limits on the resources for those projects.
  • The dashboard provides users a self-service portal to provision their own resources within the limits set by administrators.

Dashboard Demo