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2013 Board Election: Candidate List

Candidates On The Ballot

The candidates on this list have the 10 nominations required to be on the election ballot and have completed the application.

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Tim Bell

Nominated by: Jonathan Bryce Mark Collier Tom Fifield Mark McLoughlin Tristan Goode Joseph George Troy Toman Russell Bryant Monty Taylor Flavio Percoco

About Tim

I'm  responsible for the group at CERN which manages the operating system and infrastructure services. I previously worked as a Unix kernel developer at IBM along with managing large scale Unix production deployments and services for Deutsche Bank in Europe.

My team is running the CERN OpenStack cloud which has been in production since July 2013 and is currently around 40,000 cores. This cloud provides processing power for the physicists working on the Large Hadron Collider and its experiments, producing around 35PB a year.


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Hui Cheng

Nominated by: Mark Collier Jianing YANG Tristan Goode Bruce Lok Jonathan Bryce David Wang yan heven Tom Fifield Shikang Xiao Jason Yang

About Hui

Hui is the CEO & Founder of UnitedStack Inc., an OpenStack start-up with targeting on Great China and Asia open cloud market. As a new enterprenour who has deep engineering background in open source and cloud technologies, Hui gathered a group of powerful and talented OpenStack developers and top engineers from China and U.S., and founded this cloud company to build an open and commoditized cloud OS based on OpenStack as well as some other open source softwares in February 2013. 

Hui’s dream is to build a cloud software company to overthrow the traditional enterprise IT industry, as well as a respectable open source company that could be heaven for technical engineers.

Prior to starting his own business, Hui was the technical leader of the OpenStack team in Sina, where he initiated the first OpenStack based on public Iaas cloud in China, while leading his team to become the No.1 corporate contributor in China.

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Mark McLoughlin

Nominated by: Matt Wagner Troy Toman Tristan Goode Russell Bryant Tim Bell Julie Pichon Jonathan Bryce Mark Collier Sean Dague Joe Gordon

About Mark

Mark McLoughlin is a consulting engineer at Red Hat and has spent over a decade contributing to and leading open source projects like GNOME, Fedora, KVM, qemu, libvirt, oVirt and, of course, OpenStack.

Mark is a member of OpenStack's technical committee and the OpenStack Foundation board of directors. He contributes mostly to Oslo, Nova and TripleO but will happily dive in to any project.

Mark is responsible for Red Hat's OpenStack technical direction from the CTO office.

To find out more about Mark, see his keynote from the Icehouse Summit:

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Monty Taylor

Nominated by: Mark Atwood Troy Toman Mark McLoughlin Jack mac Russell Bryant Tim Bell Gabe Westmaas Flavio Percoco Sean Kerner Joe Gordon

About Monty

I currently work full-time on OpenStack for HP. I lead a team that works on running the Developer Infrastructure systems for the project, as well as teams working on OpenStack Deployment (TripleO) and OpenStack Bare Metal (Ironic). I am past PTL of the OpenStack Infra Program and set up the original project gating infrastructure. I currently sit on the Technical Committee. Previously, I was a core developer on Drizzle and was a Senior Consultant for MySQL, Inc. I've been a Python hacker by choice since 2000, and am currently a member of the Python Software Foundation.

I have a degree in Theatre Directing and went to grad school at CalArts in lighting design. The intersection of fields has led me to start more than one business around developing technology for and related to live performance. I continue to work in the theatre, and over the past year have lit shows in New York, Seattle and Austin.

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Doug Hellmann

Nominated by: Mark McLoughlin Nick (Nicolas) Barcet Simon Anderson Rosario Di Somma vincenzo di somma Sean Dague Thierry Carrez Justin Lund Jeremy Stanley Justin Knierim

About Doug

Doug Hellmann is currently employed by HP to work on OpenStack. He has been programming in Python since version 1.4, and has worked on a variety of Unix and non-Unix platforms for projects in fields such as mapping, medical news publishing, banking, and data center automation. Doug is a member of the Python Software Foundation, and served as its Communications Director from 2010-2012. After a year as a regular columnist for Python Magazine, he served as Editor-in-Chief from 2008-2009. Between 2007 and 2011, Doug published the popular "Python Module of the Week" series on his blog, and that material served as the basis for his book "The Python Standard Library By Example". He lives in Athens, Georgia.

Doug started contributing to OpenStack in 2012, just before the Folsom summit. He is a core reviewer and one of the founding members of the Ceilometer project, and a core reviewer for the requirements and unified command line interface projects. He is on the stable release maintenance team, part of the team working on the Python 3 transition, and has contributed to several of the infrastructure projects. He has served as the PTL for the Oslo project for the Icehouse and Juno releases. 

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Troy Toman

Nominated by: Mark Collier Mark McLoughlin Rhett Dillingham Gabe Westmaas Russell Bryant Josh Kearney Monty Taylor Tim Bell Sean Kerner Christina Weaver

About Troy

I am currently part of the public cloud team at Rackspace.  I lead Rackspace's OpenStack strategy and work with teams on our overall open source efforts. Prior to this role, I led the engineering teams responsible for the Rackspace Public Cloud services including those deploying and contributing to OpenStack Nova, Swift, Cinder, Glance and Neutron. I have been at Rackspace since 2006 and served in a number of development and operations functions across the company. I am also a member of the advisory council of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University.

I have a bachelor's degree in computer science from Texas A&M. My first role was at IBM as a staff engineer. After eight years of holding multiple development and managerial positions at IBM, I moved on to senior leadership roles at Sun Microsystems, Inktomi Corporation, Kazeon and Veritas Software. 
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Tristan Goode

Nominated by: James Bourne Colin McNamara ViVek Raghuwanshi Sajid Akhtar Sam Morrison Michael Still Tom Fifield Troy Toman Joseph George Jack mac

About Tristan

After 20+ years’ experience in ICT, I embraced OpenStack in my home country, Australia, and became passionate about it recognising it's immense potential the world over. I soon recognised however, that the Australian OpenStack community needed a real boost.  So in 2011 I founded the Australian OpenStack User Group (AOSUG).  The response has been fantastic and the group continues to grow across the country.   While much of my time has been spent nurturing the OpenStack community in Australia, I have been actively supporting the growth of the Indian OpenStack community spending time in India promoting and speaking about OpenStack, and I actively take part in meetups online around the world whenever possible.

I am deeply humble for the opportunity to represent the community builders, operators and end users of OpenStack on the BoD – everyone and especially the people who DON'T write software but still have lots to offer.  I plan on continuing to work to promote OpenStack in every possible way, so that it becomes ubiquitous and full-featured, while remaining, most importantly, truly open.

My twitter is @tristangoode and I also quite like beer, I'm Australian!

THE BIG THING I WANT TO WORK TOWARD FOR THE NEXT SUMMIT.... Like we have the various project design summit session days at the summits, I think it'd be really useful to have an Operators and Users day at the very start of the next summit (and hopefully all of them in future if it works out). So far at the last 4 summits I've attended, from the users and operators point of view we've had a rag tag bunch of disconnected panels and 40 minute sessions that really don't get anywhere much and don’t make it to any sort of plan or worthwhile result. This proposed "Operators and Users" day will be run like the design summit session days where all of us that have to deal with the consequences of the software development of this project sit in a room and work the issues. The goal is to present real world, evidence based Operator, User, and even other input like Sales and Marketing experiences back into the development teams. Maybe we might even have our own "Operators and Users" lounge too. :-P (Update: By "Operators" I mean those that deploy Openstack resources for "Users" to consume.)


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Rob Hirschfeld

Nominated by: Randy Perryman Colin McNamara Mark Collier Mike Veitch Joseph George Tristan Goode Adriel Cabrera Joshua McKenty Troy Toman Jack mac

About Rob

Currently on the Board, I've been driving the Core Definition Process.

I have been involved in Cloud for over 14 years and launched some of the earliest Cloud companies.  My educational background (Duke and LSU) is in computer science and systems engineering with a focus on distributed systems.  I have always found deployment to be vitally important in developments - that lead me to found a SaaS start-up in 1999 and had made me a DevOps advocate.  In addition to core cloud technologies, I am an Agile/Lean/TDD process evangelist who strongly believes that how you build and deliver is just as important as what you deliver.

Professionally, I am a Sr Distinguished Engineer at Dell leading our OpenStack Cloud project ( and also a founder of the Crowbar project (  In that role, I am in constant contact with OpenStack users, ecosystem developers and vendors world-wide; consequently, I have a very broad perspective on use and technical needs for OpenStack and related Cloud technologies.

You can get a much better perspective on me and my position on OpenStack by visiting

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Peter Pouliot

Nominated by: Rob Hirschfeld Alessandro Pilotti Gergo Debreczeni Claudiu Belu Marco Fontana Robert Tingirica Octavian Ciuhandu Bora Adrian Adrian Vladu Giulio Banterla

About Peter

I am currently responsible for the OpenStack integration with Microsoft's Virtualization platform Hyper-V.

My tenure at Microsoft began in March 2012 with a task of organizing community members to restore and maintain Hyper-V intgration within OpenStack.  Our team was successful in restoring the Hyper-V functionality to OpenStack in time for the Folsom.

I currently act as the OpenStack subject matter expert within Microsoft as well as the evangelist for OpenStack awareness and adoption of OpenStack Windows platforms.

Prior to Microsoft I worked for Novell in the Joint Interoperabilty Lab with Microsoft.  There our team focused on testing and validating Linux workloads on Hyper-V and Windows workloads on Xen and KVM.  In April 2011 I successfully deployed the first OpenStack Cloud using Hyper-V and began my evangelism for Hyper-V within the OpenStack community.

Additional experiance includes linux high avialability, network and datacenter infrastructure and security.



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David Photo


David Wang

Nominated by: Mark Collier shake chen liu jiwei york deng Rob Hirschfeld jeff xie jing fan Haoxin Zhou Tom Caulfield Hui Cheng

About David

As ICT industry veterans in China David quickly embraced Openstack after his meeting with Jim Curry in Rackspace back in June, 2011 and took the mission to co-found China Openstack User Group community and to setup the first Openstack summit in Shanghai later the year.

David has also operated the Community website since July 2011 which has about 5,200 registered members today. David also maintain the largest mailing list in China for Openstack Chinese users which attracted over 1,000 members from mainland China as well as Chinese from Hong Kong, Taiwan etc.. ( ).David have been  in touch with Chinese Openstack users daily through 4  most popular online chat QQ groups in China with a total participation of more than 2,500 members which David setup and hosted since 2011.

David is also the CEO of Intelligent Cloud Technology, a Chinese company, which provides cost effective cloud appliance with Openstack and Opencompute technology and developed inter-cloud management tools in China. David graduated from the Huazhong University of Science & Technology in China and obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota. He did his earlier teaching and research at the Rockefeller University and NYU for many years before he started his own ICT business in China.

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Colin McNamara

Nominated by: Tristan Goode Jesse Proudman Steve Rogers Mark Collier Sajid Akhtar Shannon McFarland Cody Bunch Tyler Britten Mike Outland Nermina Miller

About Colin

My name is Colin McNamara. I work  as the Chief Cloud Architect for a Nexus IS, a systems integrator based in Silicon Valley I manage our Cloud and SDN development teams, as well as Open Source contributions from an engineering organization of more then 300 engineers.

I have been been involved with Open Source since 1998 when I switched all of my web servers at my former ISP to Linux. Since then I have been involved with, evengelized and/or contributed to many open source projects including Netsaint/Nagios, Cacti, Ubuntu, Golden Cheetah and more.

It is my belief that Open Source platforms, and the people that create / use them have been the fuel that the fire os Silicon Valley is based on. Support and growth of these people and platforms are key to the future of the Valley, the products we create, and the people that create them.

Much of the discussion is about what  I can do and want to do for OpenStack. But it is important to consider what I have been doing. Over the past year or so I have been doing the following -

Right now I am an OpenStack Ambassador, as wel as an active member of the community. I wish to contribute more. I believe that Open Software and Standards are key to our technology industry being successful in the long run. The success of OpenStack and the OpenStack Foundation is key to making that happen.

I am doing what I can as an individual member of the foundation, as well as a leader in my own business to make this happen.

My thoughts on this and many other things can be found at

I can be found on twitter at @colinmcnamara

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Randy Bias

Nominated by: Azmir Mohamed Sean Roberts Jaesuk Ahn Zeb Palmer Yujie Du Robert Cathey Joseph George Boris Renski Cameron Stokes Demetri Mouratis

About Randy

His prescient views on the profound disruption caused by cloud computing have made Randy Bias one of the industry’s most influential voices. He is an evangelist who was among the first to articulate the generational transition of IT from mainframe to enterprise computing and then to cloud in addition to popularizing the cloud server "pets vs. cattle" meme. 


Randy was an early and vocal supporter of the OpenStack project and Cloudscaling was part the initial OpenStack launch in summer of 2010.  He led the teams that deployed the first public OpenStack storage cloud (Swift) outside of Rackspace, and the first public OpenStack compute cloud (Nova). He is a founding Board Member of the OpenStack Foundation. He continues to be a vocal advocate of OpenStack, through his company, his writing and his speaking engagements. 


His voice is frequently heard in media outlets such as GigaOm, InformationWeek, The Economist, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, ReadWriteWeb, O’Reilly Radar, Light Reading and others, in addition to the Cloudscaling blog. He is a regular keynote speaker and panelist at events from the OpenStack Summit to VMworld, Structure, eComm, CloudConnect, Interop, CloudBeat, CloudExpo, and Gluecon.

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seanIMG0406 colorpencil


Sean Roberts

Nominated by: wei du Pranesh Pandurangan Colin McNamara Stephen Gordon Mark Voelker Behdad Fariba sangeeta singh Kyle Mestery Tim Crawford Tim Bell

About Sean

Sean Roberts is a current OpenStack Board Director plus he works with all things related to OpenStack and Software Defined Infrastructure at Yahoo. He is co-leading the OpenStack community training project which aims to provide instruction materials for all OpenStack user groups. He has been leading the San Francisco OpenStack user group for the past two years. Over the last year, they have held over 45  meetings, have over 3,000 members, and 500 active members. As a result of his work with the user groups, he was 'promoted' to be an OpenStack ambassador.

His background includes developing and operating infrastructure at ADP, EA, EDS, Genentech, and Stanford. He also holds various OpenStack Foundation Board committee assignments and is a member of the Executive Committee for IEEE MSST.

"OpenStack has been a huge success in 2013. Along with that success there are many new voices and ideas. The Board will need to continue the promotion of OpenStack and new user adoption, while keeping the founding spirit of collaboration and meritocracy alive and well into 2014."


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Kyle Mestery

Nominated by: Mark Collier Colin McNamara Shannon McFarland Lance Haig Jeff Pazahanick Troy Toman Henry Gessau Madhura Sharangpani Anthony Chow Ed Horley

About Kyle

I am a Neutron Core Team member. I'm heavily involved with OpenDaylight, looking to ensure the integration between OpenDaylight and OpenStack Neutron goes smoothly. I'm a passionate open source developer. I've worked on libvirt, Open vSwitch, and OpenStack, as well as other platforms. I've used Linux since the late 90s, and FreeBSD/NetBSD before that. I am the Founder of the Minnesota OpenStack Meetup. I believe in the power of open source, but even more so I believe in the power of community. Ultimately this is what OpenStack is: It's a community.

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