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Monty Taylor

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July 19, 2012

HP From 2013-03-03 (Current)
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I run the OpenStack Development Infrastructure




I currently work full-time on OpenStack for HP. I lead a team that works on running the Developer Infrastructure systems for the project, as well as teams working on OpenStack Deployment (TripleO) and OpenStack Bare Metal (Ironic). I am past PTL of the OpenStack Infra Program and set up the original project gating infrastructure. I currently sit on the Technical Committee. Previously, I was a core developer on Drizzle and was a Senior Consultant for MySQL, Inc. I've been a Python hacker by choice since 2000, and am currently a member of the Python Software Foundation.

I have a degree in Theatre Directing and went to grad school at CalArts in lighting design. The intersection of fields has led me to start more than one business around developing technology for and related to live performance. I continue to work in the theatre, and over the past year have lit shows in New York, Seattle and Austin.



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Openstack-ci



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