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Tristan Goode

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July 20, 2012

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I want to sell OpenStack "stuff" to as many people as possible and make lots of money. No really.




After 20+ years’ experience in ICT, I embraced OpenStack in my home country, Australia, and became passionate about it recognising it's immense potential the world over. I soon recognised however, that the Australian OpenStack community needed a real boost.  So in 2011 I founded the Australian OpenStack User Group (AOSUG).  The response has been fantastic and the group continues to grow across the country.   While much of my time has been spent nurturing the OpenStack community in Australia, I have been actively supporting the growth of the Indian OpenStack community spending time in India promoting and speaking about OpenStack, and I actively take part in meetups online around the world whenever possible.

I am deeply humble for the opportunity to represent the community builders, operators and end users of OpenStack on the BoD – everyone and especially the people who DON'T write software but still have lots to offer.  I plan on continuing to work to promote OpenStack in every possible way, so that it becomes ubiquitous and full-featured, while remaining, most importantly, truly open.

My twitter is @tristangoode and I also quite like beer, I'm Australian!

THE BIG THING I WANT TO WORK TOWARD FOR THE NEXT SUMMIT.... Like we have the various project design summit session days at the summits, I think it'd be really useful to have an Operators and Users day at the very start of the next summit (and hopefully all of them in future if it works out). So far at the last 4 summits I've attended, from the users and operators point of view we've had a rag tag bunch of disconnected panels and 40 minute sessions that really don't get anywhere much and don’t make it to any sort of plan or worthwhile result. This proposed "Operators and Users" day will be run like the design summit session days where all of us that have to deal with the consequences of the software development of this project sit in a room and work the issues. The goal is to present real world, evidence based Operator, User, and even other input like Sales and Marketing experiences back into the development teams. Maybe we might even have our own "Operators and Users" lounge too. :-P (Update: By "Operators" I mean those that deploy Openstack resources for "Users" to consume.)